Explore the challenges of online shopping sizing issues and discover strategies to minimize losses for your e-commerce business effectively

Why sizing is a problem for online shopping, and how you can prevent losses from your e-commerce store

You've done some online shopping and discovered the ideal shirt or dress. Because you can't wait to put it on and show it off to your friends, you even pay for expedited shipping. The big day arrives, and the box is delivered, but there's one major issue: it doesn't fit.

Welcome to the most common issue in online retail: returns. The lack of a true sizing system causes buyer confusion and, in many cases, the purchase of an ill-fitting item. One of the primary reasons for the high return rate has been size fit issues. 

This article discusses how sizing or fit issues can be a problem for both your online store and your customers. Let us first examine how the modern sizing system evolved.

The size charts that you see on shopping apps or in stores today are a relatively new concept. Previously, people made their own clothes or had them tailored, so size charts did not exist. Size charts are now essential when purchasing ready-to-wear clothing.

The only clothing size standards we have today are, at best, “hazy references”. It's easy to see how this lack of standardization is a nightmare for customers, especially given the popularity of online shopping and the difficulty in replicating the in-person experience of trying on products.

Problems for business owners

Sizing is not just an issue for customers. E-commerce businesses face sizing issues in a variety of ways:

  • The primary reason for returns - 

A poor fit leads to increased returns of online orders. The vast majority of purchases are returned primarily due to sizing issues. This further leads to bracketing which increases the costs for retailers.

Higher cost

Increased returns have resulted in additional labour costs as extra labour is required to inspect and restock returned goods, as well as lower profits due to lost sales. Returns in online retail have become a costly issue for brands. In addition to that, it increases the spending on customer service as customers are looking for more information on the sizing system followed by the brand

Lower conversion rate

Size uncertainty can lead to purchasing hesitancy and lower conversion rates. It further decreases for first-time shoppers, who are anyway taking a higher risk of ordering from a store that is unknown to them. 

As a new e-commerce merchant, you will understandably be focused on your storefront, products, and sales, but it's also critical to keep an eye out for uncovered costs and lost potential sales.

Fashion tech for sizing problems

Modern technology has made a growing number of solutions to the sizing problem available. Investing in a basic sizing system or including a feature that directs users to shop based on their body type and shape may be worthwhile. This feature may help retailers create custom size charts and simplify the purchasing process for customers, resulting in a more seamless shopping experience.

A "Body Size Determinor" feature, combined with a standard sizing system will help customers understand if the product will fit them properly. This saves your customers time by avoiding the hassle of returns, increasing their likelihood of returning and making another purchase. This feature will help buyers better understand their body type, which will benefit both the buyer and the seller. It will make online shopping much more convenient and time-efficient. It will clear up any confusion a customer may have as a result of apparel fit issues and encourage them to shop more confidently and effectively. As a result, the conversion will increase while costs and losses will decrease. It's a win-win situation!

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