In-Depth Analysis of Influencer - Led Commerce and Analysis of the Global Market in the Influencer - Led Commerce Space

In-Depth Analysis of Influencer - Led Commerce and Analysis of the Global Market in the Influencer - Led Commerce Space

With a growth in the number of users online, there has been a surge in the space of influencer-led commerce as well. E-commerce shoppers can now discover and shop for products or services based on recommendations from friends, peers, and trusted sources (such as influencers) on social media platforms such as Instagram.

What is influencer-led Commerce?

Influencer commerce is the fusion of e-commerce and social media, in which social media platforms and influencers serve as a channel of marketing as well as sales to promote and sell products. It emphasizes the shift in the sales process that has been brought about by the rise of social media.

D2C brands dominate the influencer commerce funnel. In a nutshell, the D2C model involves selling directly to customers rather than through an intermediary. This brings consumers together by allowing them to communicate directly with the brands and providing transparency throughout the purchasing process. With the D2C shift on the rise, influencers and their ability to communicate with their audience have come to the fore.

Consider a customer's journey on YouTube, for example. A product review or a haul video would be preferred by users looking to purchase a new skincare product or the latest clothing.

Influencer Commerce came into existence in the year 2021. Vogue was operating a thrift shop or selling through live streams. Myntra was one of the first brands to capitalize on the live shopping trend. M-Live, a first-of-its-kind interactive and real-time shopping experience, was introduced by the company. Using this service, influencers can host live video sessions for their followers. These live videos can be accessed via the Myntra app and allow users to shop while watching the streams. Users on Myntra are more likely to shop digitally in real-time interaction mode. Following this, competitors Flipkart and Amazon followed suit.

If you look at beauty bloggers, you'll notice a dedicated focus on how they use cosmetic products and their evaluation. Naturally, you can't review a product without first trying it, and beauty items are among the most important categories for which reviews are of utmost importance for consumers to consider before purchasing them. Seeing these products used and reviewed by influencers helps in building trust and increases the confidence that the consumers place in a particular brand or product.

Food and beverage films, on the other hand, cover topics such as how to prepare food, how it affects our health, what types of food and beverages to include in daily life, and the best places to dine in a city or your local area. These influencers walk customers through the process of comprehending the product's purpose, functionality, benefits, and drawbacks.

With the attention span of consumers getting shorter, brands need to come up with fun and innovative ways to get their attention. As a result, influencer commerce is spreading like wildfire as it helps in keeping the audience informed, and engaged, and builds trust. Fueled by influencer commerce, the retail industry is expected to grow bigger and better by 2028. Brands that recognize this and are becoming an integral part of it are dominating the industry.

Many social media platforms now include eCommerce features like in-app checkout, shoppable posts, and "Buy Now" buttons that direct users to a brand's product page. With so many eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and digital solutions available, merchants looking to sell online have virtually no limitations, making it easier than ever for businesses to go global. 

Wyshlist provides another such tool to the creators and adds to the extensive set of tools available for the creators to move forward in the economy. Wyshlist uses its extensive network of relationships in the industry and its database of thousands of influencers to help them. 

In essence, Wyshlist transcends the conventional boundaries of a clothing brand. It epitomizes a movement that celebrates authenticity, empowers influencers, and provides a platform for emerging D2C brands. More than just a brand, Wyshlist is a lifestyle that emboldens and inspires modern women to embrace their unique style with unwavering confidence.

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