A Typical Day in the Life of An Influencer- Deepa Leelani

A Typical Day in the Life of An Influencer- Deepa Leelani

Hey, fashion enthusiasts!

It's Wyshlist, and today, we're taking you behind the scenes to explore a day in the fabulous life of the multi-talented influencer, makeup artist, and student – Deepa Leelani. Ever wondered how she juggles academics, and passion projects, and still manages to slay the influencer game?

Buckle up as we dive into the whirlwind that is "A Typical Day in the Life of An Influencer"!

8:00 am – Rise and Shine:

Deepa kicks off her day at 8 am, fueled by the magic elixir – lots of black coffee. With the caffeine boost, she preps for the day ahead, ensuring she's ready to face whatever challenges and opportunities come her way.

9:00 am – Planning Like a Pro:

The influencer life demands meticulous planning. Deepa spends this hour finalizing voice-over editing, plotting out her shoot day, and indulging in a hearty breakfast. A well-fed influencer is a happy influencer!

10:00 am – Commute to the Spotlight:

With the shoot scheduled for 12 pm, Deepa hits the road an hour early. The journey is not just about reaching the destination; it's about mentally preparing to slay the day.

12:00 pm - 5:30 pm – Lights, Camera, Action:

The heart of Deepa's day is the shoot. From noon until late afternoon, she's in her element, creating captivating content that resonates with her audience. The world of beauty and fashion comes alive through her lens.

6:30 pm – Post-Shoot Refuel:

Back home, it's time for a pre-workout meal before the next adventure begins. Deepa knows that to keep up with the demanding influencer lifestyle, proper nutrition is non-negotiable.

7:00 pm – Gym o'Clock:

Ever wondered how influencers maintain that glamorous glow? Deepa spills the secret – hitting the gym at 7 pm. A rigorous workout routine keeps her energized and camera-ready.

8:30 pm – Post-Workout Fuel:

After sweating it out, Deepa refuels with a post-workout meal, ensuring she's nourished for whatever the evening holds.

10:00 pm – The Prowl:

An influencer's day doesn't end with the last post. Deepa takes a stroll, a moment for herself to reflect and gather inspiration for the days to come.

11:00 pm – Beauty Sleep:

They say beauty sleep is crucial, and Deepa wholeheartedly agrees. She hits the hay at 11 pm, ensuring she's ready to conquer a new day filled with creativity and style.

Some days include lunch/dinner meetings, influencer events, press previews, more shoots, and exciting outings. It's a dynamic lifestyle, after all!

With her busy schedule, Deepa thrives on organization and strategic planning. Content calendars, influencer goal-setting worksheets, and time management trackers are her secret weapons. Life as an influencer might be a tad crazy, but Deepa assures us it's incredibly fun and worth it!

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